AI based Virtual Try Room for Apparel On App And Web.

Add to your online store to bring the physical experience to the phone and grow your mobile sales.

Integrate Prova’s technology and boost your online sales


Double conversion rates

Customers trying on clothes virtually are twice more likely to purchase the item.


Unique Shopping Experience

Rise above the clutter with never before seen experience.


Attract brand new customers

By adding Prova’s technology, you attract new customers.

Online conversion rates are stunted due to a lack of innovation

Customers are confused due to lack of confidence in the product.

Physical stores still provide an irreplaceable experience that customers can’t get online.

Less confident in buying online, resulting in much lower sales than possible.

Prova is the overwhelming choice of apparel brands


Support for your mobile iOS, Android and Web.

Fast and stable

Unique IP underpinned by our own private datasets.

Most lightweight

The integration SDK requires negligible time and space.

Works like magic

Enhanced graphics blending with the real world.

How It Works?

Just add your photo, gives you lightening fast results for your seamless shopping experience.

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