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prova uses ai to understand you

It converts your app ideas into real prototypes to share with your potential customers, investors and stakeholders. Forget about the interface - just stick to your idea, and let handle the rest.

chat answer a few smart and easy questions

Straight-forward and multiple-choice, contextual (thanks to our machine learning algorithm), and smart - knows what to ask to build you the prototype you need.


cached generates your prototype

Based on your business needs, uses that latest industry standards and trends, and accommodates for both iPhone and Android to give a realistic experience.


edit make final changes. add example content.

No design or UX decisions - just business and content. Add the text that appeals to your particular target audience.


screen_share share with your stakeholders

See if customers would use it or pay for it, if investors would invest in it, and if co-founders would join you to build it. Or just send it off to the developers as a brief so that they know exactly what to build.


equalizer get real-time analytics and feedback

Follow who has opened and interacted with your prototype, in real-time. Get comments and feedback to guide your changes.

Don't waste any more time and money on prototypes that don't work for you:

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Applies UX standards


Links screens


Realistic transitions


Easy questions


Generates in minutes


Single link to share